Citizens on Patrol

Volunteers Needed! Get involved!


Volunteers keeping Cornwall safe with DRIVING PATROLS!

Ask yourself: Do I have a couple of hours a month to volunteer to help make our community safer? YOU CAN make a difference in keeping Cornwall safe!

Citizens on Patrol Program (COP) is a crime prevention initiative where volunteers act as extra “eyes and ears” for our community and RCMP.

What Does COP (Citizens on Patrol) Do?

  • We DRIVE around Cornwall, always in groups of two volunteers together. We patrol businesses, streets and public areas.
  • We act as the EYES & EARS for the RCMP: If we notice any concerns or suspicious activity we contact the RCMP.
  • Our presence is a deterrent against crime.
  • COP reports are viewed by RCMP to note trends/issues.
  • We DON”T intervene directly -we simply call the RCMP>

Volunteers are trained by experienced Citizens on Patrol.

We carry a COP kit in our car, during each patrol. These kits include: a video camera, flashlight, patrol logs, reflective vests and a first aid kit.

Citizens on Patrol helps maintain a safe environment for our residents, children, businesses and visitors.


For more information, please phone (902) 566-2354, email, or contact Deputy Mayor Gary Ramsay at (902) 940-6819, email