Parks & Play Spaces

Cornwall has a lot to offer our visitors and residents. Find out where you can play and have lots of fun during your time with us.

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Crystal Park
Location: Eliot Park Subdivision
Basketball court, swings, climber, structure, teeter totters
Lowther Park
Location: Skipper Drive
Swings, play structure, nets, backstop
MacKinley Park
Location: Pamwayne Drive
Play structure, nets, sand box, volleyball net
MacPhail Park
Location: MacKinley Drive
Swings, sand box, volleyball net
Ferry Road Center
Location: Ferry Road
Swings, playstructure, dog park, gazebo, groomed trails
Penzie Lane
Location: Penzie Lynn Drive
Nets, sand box, swings, play sturcture
Poolside Park
Location: Seymour Drive
Swings, slide, spring toys, sand box, volleyball net
Town & Country
Location: Warren Drive
Swings, slides, nets, sand box
Eliot River Dream Park
Location: Eliot River School
Play structure

PLEASE NOTE: The Town of Cornwall Parks & Recreation Department want to ensure that all playgrounds and play spaces are safe from broken equipment. If you notice any structure needing attention, please call 628-6260.