Public Works

DEPARTMENT OVERVIEWPublic Works Department Overview

The Public Works Department for the Town of Cornwall is tasked with maintenance of sidewalks, street lighting and municipal building maintenance.


Public Works undertakes an inspection of the sidewalk inventory each spring after winter frost action and plowing operations. This visual inspection creates a listing of significant defects and areas of poor condition. This information is used in developing a summer work program, allocating the funding resources for repair of existing inventory and requests for expansion of the sidewalk system.

The Town of Cornwall contracts out the snow clearing of the sidewalks and the Public Works Department works closely with our contractor to ensure timely service. In normal events, snow clearing operations will be initiated prior to completion of the snowfall and require a second pass. With sidewalks adjacent to many streets, snow pushed from the road plowing can sometimes impact work undertaken to clear sidewalks.

Street Lighting

Most street lighting is provided through the services of Maritime Electric Company Limited with light units on their utility poles. Information regarding any problems (flickering, burnt out, day-burners, etc.) can be communicated to the Town who will coordinate service. Issue details such as type of problem, civic address or pole number, etc. are greatly appreciated.

Municipal Property Maintenance

Public Works undertakes maintenance of the following civic properties and sites:

-Town Hall, 39 Lowther Drive

– Civic Centre, 29 Cornwall Road

-Terry Fox Centre, 85 Hilltop Drive

-Town Maintenance Shop, 72 W.B. MacPhail Drive

Rental of municipal buildings is coordinated through the Parks & Recreation Department.

Streets, Roads & Ditches

All roads and streets in the Town of Cornwall are owned and cleared by the Province of PEI. If you have any issues with the streets (snow clearing, pot holes or excessive break-up of pavement) street signs, traffic lights or ditches, please forward your inquiries to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal at 368-4770 or 368-4750, or submit an request by clicking on the following link. Transportation Infrastructure and Renewal

Contact Information

General Inquiries: (902) 566-3234

Maintenance: (902) 566-3234